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Skater’s Inline Wheel Size Changed by Roller Skating Federation of India

in a recent development in roller skating arena, a Roller Skating Federation of India issued a notification on changing wheels size as per the age of the participant (Skater).

Now one can not put on inline skating wheels of 110 mm if the age of the skater is just 10 years. The rules of the game are changing now and parents/coaches need to take extra care while making a skater participate in any roller skating championship if that championship is organized by the club which is affiliated to roller skating federation of India.

Now, skaters may participate with the size of the wheels as mentioned in all the Championships during the year 2019. However, it would be mandatory to follow the chart from 2020.

Below is the letter issued by roller skating federation of India for all to follow…

roller skating federation of india
Roller Skating Federation of India Letter