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How To Find Your Skate Size – Slipway Skates

How to find your skate size if you are a newbie …

Skate size should be according to your feet length and there is a way to measure the same. Refer below chart and points to check the size so that you can buy the correct skates.

How to Check Size :

  1. Measure your feet (Wall to Toe)
  2. Check size (EU) in the chart below that corresponds your feet measure
  3. Although you should buy the exact size but you can go for .5 above the actual size.
  4. If your toe slightly touch to the front of the boot even than it is ok.
  5. Make sure the skate is not too big or too small.
  6. Refer below images for clarity



find skate size

*These charts are for reference only. Fit may vary depending on the construction, materials and manufacturer.