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1st National Ranking Championship by RSFI in Noida

Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI), in its other initiative, going to organize 1st National Ranking Championship in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The purpose of this tournament is to find the best player among each group. RSFI opened its registrations so that players can participate from all over the India. But to register, you should have an annual registration code with you. Here is the link to register

The 1st National Ranking Championship will be organized by Uttar Pradesh Roller Sports Association (Greno Speed Skating Club) which is powered by Roller Skating Federation of India.

Who Should Participate?

This will be the question in the mind of many parents. They must be thinking if they should allow their kids to participate or not … Just answer few questions below and you will be able make a decision…

  • Do you have a professional skates (Quads or Inline)
  • Do you have a new pair of hard wheels (Quads or Inline)
  • Did your children win any medals at State or National level competition

If you answered “Yes” to all the questions than you can make your ward participate in the competition.

The detail of the competition is as below…

Venue: Greno Speed Skating Club, Malakpur, Near DM Residence, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Competition Date: 5th to 8th October 2019

Reporting Time: 4th October 2019 before 13 o’Clock (1:00 PM)

Entry Fee: INR 750

Tack Size: 200 Mtrs. (7 cm Wide and 735 cms Elevated)

Age Groups:  

Cadet Cadet Cadet Sub Junior Junior Senior
5 to 7 7 to 9 9 to 11 11 to 14 14 to 17 Above 17

As per the rules by RSFI, a skater can participate in 3 out of 4 races in both disciples (Inline & Quad). Quad skater will not be allowed to participate in any of the Inline Races and Vice versa….

RSFI is charging Rs. 750 per skater to participate in this competition and the registrations will be done online through their official website.

Click here to register your ward.

The schedule of the 1st National Ranking Championship is as below…

1st National Ranking Championship
1st National Ranking Championship

Download Details

You can download the complete details here. Courtsey: